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Hidden in an upstairs apartment on Greenwich Avenue is what I would consider a gem of a restaurant in a town of many. Back 40 Kitchen serves some of the highest quality ingredients, and makes a point to minimize their food miles (the distance a food item travels to reach its final destination). When I ate there and mentioned my food allergies in the order, the restaurant was very proactive and serious with this matter.

I started off the meal by sharing with the table some Swedish meatballs. The beef was soft and tender and the lingonberry preserves cut through the sauce beautifully.

swedish meatballs

Swedish meatballs with lingonberry preserves

Next, I had their pasture-raised pulled pork sandwich with slaw and potato chips, which was fantastic. The pork was cooked nicely and the bread it was served on was delicious. The slaw and potato chips brought a variety of textures and were both great accompaniments.

pulled pork

Pasture-raised pulled pork sandwich with slaw and potato chips

If you are in the area, I highly recommend stopping by Back 40 Kitchen for lunch!