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Fair Trade USA is an independent, nonprofit organization that creates guidelines, certifies, and labels products that favor sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers, meanwhile protecting the environment.

fair trade

My personal values align with the mission statement of Fair Trade USA, specifically in three ways:

1) The global environment (which includes families and economies) must be supported from all angles, and should be supported for future generations.

2) Fair Trade is not only a market, but it is also a movement.

3) All sources on which we rely (whether the Earth or a family farm) should be ensured equitable reward and fulfilling restoration.

The mission statement of Fair Trade USA stresses the importance of “keeping families, local economies, the natural environment, and the larger community strong today and for generations to come” (Fair Trade USA website). As humans expect the Earth to give, the Earth expects to receive for its generosity. Therefore, to accomplish this, it is imperative that families, economies and our natural world be tended to. This interdependency is often overlooked and set off balance.

Furthermore, the mission statement clarifies that “Fair Trade is not just a market; it is also a social movement that brings strength, hope and real choice to the world’s consumers.” This distinction is necessary because without Fair Trade being a social movement, the sole purpose would be the sale of goods. Consumers should be given the choice and encouraged to purchase food produced honorably and sustainably. The results surely pay off. The movement aspect is, for lack of a better way to put it, the portion of the company that is alive and requires constant fuel. This movement drives us to seek better alternatives in all reaches of our lives.

Finally, the mission statement describes its collaboration with “companies of all types and sizes.” Rather than simply focusing upon a small group of people, Fair Trade USA incorporates its ideals and values in the context of large establishments, raising the likelihood that the message will reach a wide array of people. fair trade certified