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On Mindful Eating

A book I wrote as my final project for a food seminar in school.

Mindful eating is understanding where your food comes from, the consequences it has on your health and on our environment, and the act of chewing enjoyably, slowly and purposefully. The Wise Man says “drink your food and chew your water,” with the thought that following this concept will assist our digestion and overall nutrient uptake. Mindful eating is a multistep approach, taking root in the soil from which your food derives, to the table on which you eat, and into your body. Eating consciously shows that you care about your health and your environment.

We are all culprits of mindless eating. Imagine your typical day at school or work: You skip breakfast, finish class at noon, and have an important meeting at 1pm for which you must prepare. You run to the closest eatery and order a cheeseburger with a side of french fries or chips, and a Coca- Cola to drink. You take several monolith-sized bites out of the suspicious meat blanketed in an even more cringeworthy bread, all the while you do not even look up from your iPhone. You chew twice, swallow, clear the crevices in your mouth of any leftover bread and meat particles and wipe the ketchup from your lips with a white napkin. Several issues are apparent in this scene, the majority of which we are all quite familiar with. At the end of this meal, you satisfied your dietary cravings, without having given any thought to what you ate and its nutritional value.

Our stomachs are rapidly globalizing, and we must revert this trend and choose to eat local, sustainably produced food. Adopt a Slow Food philosophy and eat food that is “good, clean and fair.” Finally, take pleasure in food and savor its every smell, taste and texture.