I first ate at Valencia Luncheria two years ago when some family friends invited us to join them for dinner. It is by far one of my favorite restaurants, serving a variety of wonderful Latin American specialities. This once small eatery that I visited two years ago has now doubled in size, all while retaining its excellent qualities. Walking into the restaurant feels like stepping foot in a small, dive of an eatery in a seaside town. And now, every time my stomach rumbles and I crave some colorful Latino food, I come to 164 Main Street, Norwalk, CT or order takeaway and get “The Works” (see photo, below). You may wonder, “What is ‘The Works’?” Ready? One cup of soup, one arepa, one empanada, one large bowl of rice and beans, plantains, tostones, ceviche and a wedge of avocado. Seem like a lot? Well yes, and it only suppresses the howling rumbles of your stomach for one day… just as soon as your stomach shrinks back to its pre-Valencia Luncheria size.

The Works