Today for lunch, I wanted to be a bit more experimental in my cooking and decided to make a portobello mushroom burger. I was somewhat hesitant on the ingredient combinations, but the burger turned out to be incredible! The reason I chose a portobello mushroom in place of beef to fill this burger is because it has such a meaty feel, and also tastes great. I started off by brushing the belly of the burger with balsamic vinegar. Heating olive oil on a grill pan, I grilled the mushroom about 6 minutes on each side, until tender and a satisfying shade of brown. In the meantime, cut two slices of ciabatta bread, place two pieces of mozzarella cheese on the bottom one, two roasted red peppers (canned), a chopped leaf of basil, and… ready? A few small pieces of liver pâté to give this burger that special element it deserves. Finally, place the finished portobello mushroom cap on top of everything and close the sandwich. I decorated the plate (and am guilty for eating the decorations) with two radishes sprinkled with sea salt. Enjoy!

Portobello Mushroom Burger