Imperia Pasta MachineI have wanted an Imperia pasta machine for as long as I can recall, and for my 18th birthday on August 26th, I received one. This birthday was a very “food” oriented one, as my sister surprised me with a cooking class in NYC (three days before), at a place called Rustico Cooking. Rustico Cooking hosts many private events, ranging from team-building for businesses, or competitions for birthday parties. I assumed we were going biking because she cautioned me not to wear baggy clothing (I guessed because of the bike gears) and no sandals. But as we entered the NYC loft, a welcoming smell of roasted peppers, cooked onions and garlic, and pungent cheese greeted us as we pushed open the heavy door. I won’t go into too many details, but I must share what we cooked: Tagliatelle with two-meat ragù, roasted broccoli with garlic and chili, smashed red-skinned baby potatoes with chives and paprika, chicken scaloppine with prosciutto and provolone in a marsala glaze, and tiramisu. Each dish was fantastic, and on August 30, I recreated the meal for my family and a few friends.

Anyway, I highly recommend the Imperia pasta machine because it is not only sturdy, but is high-quality and well worth the price. On the morning of the day I invited friends to my house to eat the recreated meal, I made fresh pasta and rolled the dough into sheets and made linguine using the machine (which comes with a fettuccine and linguine dual attachment).

Pasta SheetsLinguine

As shown, I hung the pasta sheets on the oven bar, and after used the machine to make the linguine. A word of advice would be to heavily flour the dough sheets before sliding them through the linguine attachment, as they stick easily if not used immediately. The pasta turned out to be fantastic, and I can’t wait to use the machine again.

Additionally, on the night of my birthday, my family and I went to an amazing restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Antica PesaThe original Antica Pesa is actually in Rome, and was my sister’s favorite restaurant when she studied there for a semester, so she immediately made the reservation upon learning about the restaurant’s opening. I started with crudo e bufala croccante, followed by ravioli with pea purée. Each dish was excellent, and I am sure I will return to Williamsburg to test out their other options.