The second part of our trip was in Bodrum, on the coast of Turkey. This was one of the most relaxing trips we have taken. We stayed at the Kuum Hotel, which was beautiful (except for the staff’s English speaking skills). The hotel, instead of having a beach, had a dock which was just as nice. As you can see, the view was magnificent (of the Aegean Sea). So, we spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the hotel, and then took the local bus to visit the surrounding towns. My favorite experience in Bodrum was renting a gullet (small boat) with eight other people (not including my family). The captain was a very nice old Turk, and his son and grandson were like the crew. On the boat, we visited some bays and coves, with an hour stop at each one. At every bay, the water was crystal clear and silky. At the third stop, a wonderful scent reached me from the cabin. The captain was frying whole fish (sea bass) and making spaghetti and a salad. Being on the water added to the experience, but this was one of the best lunches I have had. The fish was as fresh as can be and was so buttery. The pasta was just as good and so was the salad. Anyway, the boat below is a gullet (not ours, but another one we saw). The rest of the stay in Bodrum, we just visited surrounding towns and relaxed.