We are spending this week in Miami because it is when my sister and I overlap a week for spring break. Every other year we go to Miami for about six days to relax, read and eat. The temperature is perfect and it’s a good place to explore new cuisines which is why I am posting now. We went to a restaurant last night called Zuma, which has a few locations in major cities. Zuma is a Japanese-fusion type of restaurant that is tapas-styled where you order a few small plates and share with everyone. They have a variety of choices… We ordered a bowl of steamed edamame beans, three different sushi rolls, rock shrimp tempura, steak with a soy based sauce and white rice, and my favorite which was black cod with a sort of sweet wasabi sauce that was delicious with the sticky, white rice. Below is a picture of the rock shrimp tempura. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera, but I found this picture on Flickr courtesy of Masala Cha. The price was okay, making it more of an experience with great food. Because of my food allergies (nuts and sesame) we did not bother getting a dessert because almost everything had coconut, but we had a very strong craving for something. So, we decided to satisfy that craving by picking up a key lime pie. The night before we went to Joe’s Stone Crab and had fried calamari, stone crabs, creamed spinach, and their famous key lime pie. One of my first blog posts was a reincarnation of their key lime pie, and it is one of my favorite desserts. Click here to see their recipe. I realized I got a bit off topic – going from Japanese food to stone crabs, but I said all I wanted to about Zuma. Come back later to read about my next dining experience.